Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 2 (25/12/15) : 7 Islands Sunset Package (Ao Ludo Island)

From Taming Island, our boat headed to Ao Ludo Island. It's an island for rock climbers! Oh no.. we didn't try it out. Only the Mat Sallehs tried it. 

Ready to jump..

Boat taking off.. leaving Ao Ludo Island behind..
Lower deck 

Next, the 3rd pit-stop for second snorkeling session. I can't recall the name. Huhuhu...

It was a quick one since 2 or 3 snorkelers got sting by jellyfish. They body got itchy. Those boat immediately flushed them with cold water. Phewww...

Passing Mae Vrai Island (left)

Can't get my eyes off the fantastic view
As I said earlier, we skipped Poda & Tup Islands as we were 'willing' to pay 400 Baht for the National Park Fee.. Huhuhu.. Both islands are connected with sand beach. 

Photo credit here
Am I regretting for not paying the 400 Baht??? Hmmm...

Next, Chicken Island...

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