Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 2 (25/12/15) : Ao Nang & Island Packages

We did ask the hotel for the island packages. The best price he offered us for Phi Phi Island package was 1200 Baht + 400 Baht for National Park Fee. It was not within our budget and I have no idea bout the national park fee. Hmmm…

50 Baht for breakfast

So, after breakfast, we took tuk-tuk and headed to Ao Nang. 50 Baht/pax for about 30mins. Ao Nang should offer us more choices, we guess. But, I know... we were already late for choices! Huhuhu..

Upper Left : The landmark of Ao Nang Beach
Upper Right : Ppl lined up for Phi Phi Islands Departure
Bottom Left : Selfie with background of Ao Nang shops
Bottom Right : Thats the counter where we made our island package booking.
The girl is very friendly & full of info

When we reached Ao Nang, we saw ppl were gathered/lined up as per agents’ instructions. Those taking Phi Phi Islands package were departing soon. We asked 2 agents, the price were still not ‘attractive’ enough.

For info, there are 4 islands packages; Phi Phi Islands, 4 Islands & Hong Islands & 7 Islands Sunset Package. It is strongly advisable for you to deal with agent face to face compare to online booking.

Brochure collected from our hotel
Price stated for online booking

Ended up, we chose 7 Islands Sunset Package. 750 Baht per pax + 100 Baht hotel transfer. The program started at 1pm and finished at about 8pm. Oh... dinner is included. We found out later that we could get the package at 700 Baht. Hmmm…

While waiting, we rode tuk-tuk to Ao Nang’s mosque area for lunch. It was only about 5mins ride. 10 Baht/pax. The area is cheaper compare to beach side’s cafes.

85 Baht for Lunch

I realize that I didn't take many pictures here at Ao Nang. It was really hot and I was quite frustrated that we didn't manage to go for Phi Phi Islands. *sigh*

Anyway, get ready for our amazing islands experiences in next entry..

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