Friday, February 26, 2016

Hatyai Merridian Hotel

Let's continue our journey from Krabi to Hatyai.

And so we have arrived Hatyai city.

We stayed at Hatyai Merridian Hotel. Originally, we booked at Kiss Garden Home Chic Hotel. Due to debit card issues, we have to cancel the booking and we then changed to The Swan Residence.

Since The Swan Residence is quite a distant from the city, we have decided to cancel the hotel and changed to Haytai Merridien Hotel. Guess what.. The last minute booking was done on our way to airport for our departure to Krabi! Phewww...

Red box - Hatyai Merridien Hotel
Blue Box - Lee Garden's area
Pink Box - City Bus Terminal
Green Box - Asean Trade Market
Orange Box - Railway Station
Blue Star - Kimyong Market

Hatyai Merridian Hotel

Time difference of 1 hour between Thailand & Malaysia

Hotel Reception Area

Upon checking-in, we have to deal with some issue with the staff there. There claimed that they can't track our booking at agoda. Eventually, they still let us have out room. Hmmm...

Triple Room with Balcony
1800 Baht for 2 nites

Ok la the room. BUT, the wifi connectivity in the room is not as good as Krabi's hotel. We have to stay at the hotel lobby for the wifi. *sigh*

Location wise.. well, my friend experience the bombing in Hatyai before, so it gave her insecure feeling to stay at the Lee Garden's area. Otherwise, I would have prefer hotel at that area. So, we dont have to ride tuk-tuk all the time. Hahaha..

Ohh btw, we had hired the tuk-tuk driver that rode us to the hotel for the next day's day tour. Malas mau pening-pening cari lagi.

To be continue... hehehe...

Friday, February 19, 2016

Now & Then after 20 years!

I always enjoy flippin' through old albums. They always make me laugh. 

So, we decided to re-capture two out of many photos in the collection...  Mmg bikin ketawa!!

The cousins - Papar vs Labuan vs Putatan
Oppss... poor anty at the side there!
1996 - Raya @ Papar
2016 - CNY @ Api-Api

CNY 1989 vs CNY 2016 @ Kuala Penyu
Ohh my bro.. practicing silat I guess

More photos to be re-capture in future! Hahaha...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

CNY 2016 @ Api-Api, Kepayan & Kuala Penyu

I tot I won’t be going back to KK for CNY celebration as I just returned from KK last month. However, since it was a long leaves, plus the company was giving us extra 2 days leaves, so I have decided to purchase last minute flight tix. It was an affordable last minute grab as it costs me less than RM400 for return flights fare.

Family from Labuan has booked a 2-rooms apartment (Api-Api Apartment) at KK city from 6th Feb to 10th Feb. So, berkampung la kami di sana. Bersempit-sempit dan bersepah-sepah TAPI meriah!

6th Feb – Pasar Malam besar KK..

7th Feb – CNY Eve… Family Dinner & 34th wedversary of Anty & Uncle

8th Feb – CNY Chor/Day 1 : Api-Api & Kepayan

Family Pic

The cousins

The gorgeous ladies

The sisters

9th Feb – CNY Chor/Day 2 : Kuala Penyu

The siblings from 2 moms.. exclude 3 person..

The sisters with their spouse and parent
My bro being the partner for my mom

Complete mom and sisters photo
Eldest from left

The wannabe Ultraman team.. LOL

Us smiling ear-to-ear
Having great time with families & quality time with kiddos..

p/s.. penat-penat buat photobooth props, tapi lupa bawa!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

WW ~ Photo Booth Props

My first DIY photo booth props ever!
Obviously, they are for CNY! Kikikiki..

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

KL Boutique Hotel, Krabi Town

Before we rant bout Hatyai, let me present to you our hotel at Krabi Town...

Booking done via

Spacious room
1800 Baht for 2 nites

Painted wall

7am - 10am for light breakfast

While waiting for our minivan
That's the hotel owner.. the one with glass..

I strongly recommend this place to you if you plan to stay in Krabi town. Why? Simply because :

1. Excellent reviews
2. Location - walking distance to most of the must-visit landmarks in Krabi
3. Affordable price
4. Clean and comfortable room
5. Friendly & helpful owner
6. Free light breakfast
7. Excellent wifi connection even in the room! - penting ni kan zmn skrg.. hehehe

Btw, no lift yaa...

Will continue ranting bout the journey after CNY. Am going back hometown tomorrow! It's a very very last minute plan. Phewww...

Day 3 (26/12/15) : Krabi Town

It was our final day in Krabi. We decided to have a quick visit to the must-visit landmarks in Krabi town before we off to Hatyai.

The map given by the hotel owner

Red dot - our hotel (KL Boutique Hotel)
R - Ha Hwa Restaurant (Halal)
Blue dot - Tuk Tuk station to Ao Nang (50 Baht)
Purple box - Night market
Yellow box - Night & morning market
Blue box - Ancient Men traffic intersection
Green box - Entrance to White Temple
Red circle - The eagle & crab sculptures

There are all walking distance. Convenient!

View from outside of our hotel

Breakfast @ 650Baht at Ha Hwa Restaurant

Riverside with Khao Kanab Nam rocks view

Nok Awk

The crab

The ancient human @ traffic intersection

The Sea Crab signifies the fertility of the mangrove forest.
The Eagle signifies wide vision.
The Elephant reminds of the White Elephant of the Region, discovered in Krabi.
The Ancient Human represents Krabi, signifying that Krabi is a significant prehistoric site.

The White Temple @ Kaew Grovaram Temple

While we were visiting the above landmarks, we were actually looking for Bai Ngoen Tour Agent to cater us to Hatyai. Enough with the 'long bus'. But, mission failed. We went back to hotel, thinking that we have to ride tuk-tuk to the terminal bus station. 

However, the generous hotel owner wiling to help us out by calling the agent. The agent will be picking us up at the hotel. As per info from research, minivan from Krabi to Hatyai is 240 Baht. So, I guess the extra 10 Baht is for the pick-up service. 

Much more comfy than the bus

Toilet-break at OTOP, Trang

3 boxes for 100 Baht.
Taste like sponge cake to me.
so-so saja la..
Kotak saja besar but the cake inside kecik..

We arrived at Hatyai after 4 hours. Initially, we asked the driver to send us direct to our hotel. But it seems like he was unable to locate the hotel. So, he stopped all of us at the terminal bus. From there, we took tuk-tuk to our hotel. 20 Baht per pax.

Day 2 (25/12/15) : Phra Nang Cave & Raily Beach

We finally landed at the beach after half day cruising.. 

  • Phra Nang Cave – Is dedicated to a princess goddess named Phra Nang. According to legend, Phra Nang was an Indian princess who was killed in a shipwreck. In another tale, Phra Nang was the wife of a fisherman who was lost at sea. She lived out the rest of her days in the cave, awaiting her husband’s return.
    Today, local fisherman and boatmen leave offerings in Phra Nang cave to ensure safe travel on the sea.
  • Raily Beach – part of the mainland but not accessible by land only long tail boat services run from Ao Nang Beach & Ao Nammao Pier & Surrounding Islands.
Phra Nang Beach
Guess where's the Phra Nang Cave..

I ordered the famous Nutella Banana Pancake here
It costs me 600 Baht
At Ao Nang is 400 Baht

The sunset!!

As soon as the sunset, we were called to ride the boat. I think we only had 30mins at the beach. Hmm...

We had our dinner while cruising back to the jetty. Semua kelaparan, so no photos taken.

Before that, we had our last stop for bio luminescent swimming. Swimming / snorkeling in the dark??? No thanks.. Some mat sallehs did..

The boat man flushed few buckets of sea water on the boat's floor. We could see bluish light from the flushed water. That reminds me of my Redang trip.. the blue sand! The bio luminescent is actually referring to the plankton.

Finally, reached jetty at about 8pm.

At the jetty, after returning our snorkeling gears, the boat men entertained us with fire shows before we were arranged to go back to our hotel.


It was almost 10pm when we reached hotel. Please take note, the night market only operate until 10pm. I changed to dry clothing and rushed out to the night market. They were already started packing up stuff. I only managed to grab some Krabi t-shirts! *sigh*

Recharge energy for another 5 hours journey back to Hatyai the following day...

Nyway, thanks to Mariam Travel & Tours for the memorable islands tour! Look for their counter ourside 7-Eleven at Ao Nang.