Thursday, February 18, 2016

CNY 2016 @ Api-Api, Kepayan & Kuala Penyu

I tot I won’t be going back to KK for CNY celebration as I just returned from KK last month. However, since it was a long leaves, plus the company was giving us extra 2 days leaves, so I have decided to purchase last minute flight tix. It was an affordable last minute grab as it costs me less than RM400 for return flights fare.

Family from Labuan has booked a 2-rooms apartment (Api-Api Apartment) at KK city from 6th Feb to 10th Feb. So, berkampung la kami di sana. Bersempit-sempit dan bersepah-sepah TAPI meriah!

6th Feb – Pasar Malam besar KK..

7th Feb – CNY Eve… Family Dinner & 34th wedversary of Anty & Uncle

8th Feb – CNY Chor/Day 1 : Api-Api & Kepayan

Family Pic

The cousins

The gorgeous ladies

The sisters

9th Feb – CNY Chor/Day 2 : Kuala Penyu

The siblings from 2 moms.. exclude 3 person..

The sisters with their spouse and parent
My bro being the partner for my mom

Complete mom and sisters photo
Eldest from left

The wannabe Ultraman team.. LOL

Us smiling ear-to-ear
Having great time with families & quality time with kiddos..

p/s.. penat-penat buat photobooth props, tapi lupa bawa!


  1. dari KP ka ko sis??? Lama sdh sy di KP tu, dari lahir sampai last di sana thn 2004...lps tu kami migrate pg Sandakan...rindu KP owh...

    1. My mom yg asal KP. Sy membesar di KK. Tp, klu CNY mmg blk KP.. Parents ko asal KP?


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