Friday, February 26, 2016

Hatyai Merridian Hotel

Let's continue our journey from Krabi to Hatyai.

And so we have arrived Hatyai city.

We stayed at Hatyai Merridian Hotel. Originally, we booked at Kiss Garden Home Chic Hotel. Due to debit card issues, we have to cancel the booking and we then changed to The Swan Residence.

Since The Swan Residence is quite a distant from the city, we have decided to cancel the hotel and changed to Haytai Merridien Hotel. Guess what.. The last minute booking was done on our way to airport for our departure to Krabi! Phewww...

Red box - Hatyai Merridien Hotel
Blue Box - Lee Garden's area
Pink Box - City Bus Terminal
Green Box - Asean Trade Market
Orange Box - Railway Station
Blue Star - Kimyong Market

Hatyai Merridian Hotel

Time difference of 1 hour between Thailand & Malaysia

Hotel Reception Area

Upon checking-in, we have to deal with some issue with the staff there. There claimed that they can't track our booking at agoda. Eventually, they still let us have out room. Hmmm...

Triple Room with Balcony
1800 Baht for 2 nites

Ok la the room. BUT, the wifi connectivity in the room is not as good as Krabi's hotel. We have to stay at the hotel lobby for the wifi. *sigh*

Location wise.. well, my friend experience the bombing in Hatyai before, so it gave her insecure feeling to stay at the Lee Garden's area. Otherwise, I would have prefer hotel at that area. So, we dont have to ride tuk-tuk all the time. Hahaha..

Ohh btw, we had hired the tuk-tuk driver that rode us to the hotel for the next day's day tour. Malas mau pening-pening cari lagi.

To be continue... hehehe...

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