Tuesday, February 02, 2016

KL Boutique Hotel, Krabi Town

Before we rant bout Hatyai, let me present to you our hotel at Krabi Town...

Booking done via booking.com

Spacious room
1800 Baht for 2 nites

Painted wall

7am - 10am for light breakfast

While waiting for our minivan
That's the hotel owner.. the one with glass..

I strongly recommend this place to you if you plan to stay in Krabi town. Why? Simply because :

1. Excellent reviews
2. Location - walking distance to most of the must-visit landmarks in Krabi
3. Affordable price
4. Clean and comfortable room
5. Friendly & helpful owner
6. Free light breakfast
7. Excellent wifi connection even in the room! - penting ni kan zmn skrg.. hehehe

Btw, no lift yaa...

Will continue ranting bout the journey after CNY. Am going back hometown tomorrow! It's a very very last minute plan. Phewww...

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  1. boleh dijadikan rujukan utk next time.. harap2 dapat merasa g sana


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