Tuesday, March 29, 2016

6D4N Krabi - Hatyai Travel Expenses

6D4N Krabi - Hatyai Travel Expenses

Now that I have shared almost everything on my Krabi-Hatyai Trip... lets reveal the damaged cost! *roll eyes*

To me, it's definitely over budget.. can I blame the shopping part??! Grrrrr...

Apa-apa pun, syukur alhamdulillah semua selamat...

Island escape comin' up next... Till then...

Last Day (28/12/15) : Morning Market & KTMB Hatyai - KL

It was our fifth and last day in Hatyai!

After breakfast, the restaurant owner (opposite our hotel) suggested us to go to morning market (I didn't get the name tho') before we catch our train at 4pm. He owns and ride tuk-tuk as well.

with Hatyai Merridian Hotel at the back

So, here we are! By looking at the map, I think we were at the Kim Yong Market's street area. Stalls were every way here. We made our last shopping (again!) and headed back to hotel.

We have actually checked-out earlier. But, we left our bags at the reception. 2-3 kali kerja tapi apa boleh buat... Takkan angkut beg p sana sini plak.. huhuhu...

Our KTMB train departing at 4pm. Arriving KL Sentral after 12 hours!! The best part is... seat coach instead of bed coach!! Blaming our last minute plan. Danggg...

For info, seat coach fare is RM46/RM27, upper bed coach fare is RM52/RM33 and lower bed coach fare is RM58/RM39 for adult/children respectively. 

Padang Besar Station
Train from Hatyai will stop at Padang Besar Station for Immigration passport checking. Please leave the train with all your belongings. Passengers have about 40mins for quick drinks upstair. Both RM and Baht notes can be used here.

kampung views

gunung apa ni??

There is also a cafe inside the KTMB train. Boleh la lepak sini... Instant drink will cost you RM2.50. Still ok compare to flight's! Hehehhee...

cafe's counter

train's cafe

Nothing much you can do except sleeeepp... I didn't get good sleep coz it was damn cold! I strongly encourage you to wear sweater / shawl / mini blanket or whatever you name it..

We finally reached KL Sentral at 4.25am and I reached home at 5am. Slept 2 hours before I went to work. Hebat kan? Hahahaa...

Day 4 (27/12/15) : Klonghae Floating Market

Our last pit-stop was Klonghae Floating Market. Only less than 15minutes from Municipal Park.

We were here from 4pm til 5.30pm.. Kesian driver tunggu2.. huhuhu..

The place was full of ppl.. Luckily we managed to get seat to enjoy our foods. 

Most of the foods here cost us 20Baht per pack

My ice-tea in that bamboo stick

I even bought 2 packets of cashew nuts here. 

Thanks driver.. Arghh I forgot his name! Huhuhu.. He charged us 1000Baht for our day tour and I added 100 Baht as his tips.

To be honest, taking tuk-tuk for day tour is kinda uncomfortable. Car will be much better if you have the option. Anyway, we made it!! Hahahahaa...

Our supper!
Nite, guess what... we went to the Asean Market again! This time, we really did our last minute shopping. Naaa... not really. But, we did grabbed some stuff and ended up carrying additional bag! Huhhhh...

Monday, March 28, 2016

Blacklisted Seller @ Lelong

I'm not a fussy customer. As far as I remember, I never experienced any big issues with my previous online shoppings. Of coz I'll review seller's rating if any before placing order. 1-2 bad ratings tu biasa laaa...

Kisahnya mcm ni...

14/3/16 - After some comparisons with Lazada, 11street, mudah.my, DirectD, Greenfone, Satu Gadjet & Lelong... I made up my mind to just order from lelong. So, order placed with seller maxforce.

15/3/16 - PM-ed seller just to check if I will be receiving the item in 2 days. Seller replied confirming payment received and will ship out item soon.

18/3/16 & 21/3/16 - Reminded seller to ship item coz I didn't received any notification.

21/3/16 - Seller replied informing that the item has been packed and will be shipped out via Airpak. Luckily, tracking number was provided. So, I can easily track.

23/3/16 - I was pissed off as the item has not been shipped out yet. I PM the seller requested for cancellation & refund. Immediately, I received shipment notification from lelong. 

25/3/16 - I have been tracking and tracking. I called up Airpak for the status. It was very frustrating when I was informed that the item has yet to be collected from the seller. My goodnessss...
Again, I PM the seller to act asap and bluff them I need to bring back the item to East Msia. 

28/3/16 - I finally received the item after 2 weeks... without USB cable!! Ok fine.. malas nak argue..

The seller should have expecting bad rating from me coz I can't leave any ratings! Damnnn...

The item has been removed from lelong and the seller's page in lelong also turned out zero - no items! Teruknya!!! 

Apa2 pun, alhamdulillah.. barang sampai juga after 2 weeks... Lepas ni, confirm serik order online... huhuhhu...

I hope the seller will improve their services in future.. Hmmm..

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 4 (27/12/15) : Municipal Park

From Samila Beach, we arrived at The Municipal Park after 30 minutes. It was 3pm local time.

The shuttle
To get to the top, visitors are to ride the shuttle provided which cost 20 Baht.

Here is where you can ride the cable car. Unfortunately, the cable car is not in service that day. Huhuhu...

Anyway, we enjoyed the panorama view of Hatyai city & the golden standing Buddha.

Other highlights at the Municipal Park, click here.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 4 (27/12/15) : Samila Beach, Songkhla

It took us 25mins from the Reclining Buddha to Samila Beach, Songkhla.

Two famous sculptures not to be missed here are the dragon head & golden mermaid.

Dragon Head

The Great Serpent Nag is a monument to Nag built in 2006 and is divided into 3 parts. The head which is a water spout is situated on the northern headland facing the port. The navel is sited on the front near the road up to Tang Kuan Hill and the tail is further south. The head and tail are about 3 km apart.

The “Nag” is the deity of divine creation of water as well as fertility for all living things. The people of Southern Thailand believes that Nag sprays divine waters so as to make people feel fresh and happy, as well as to purify the blemishes which occurs within our minds and bodies.

As a result, the Nag is one of the most highly respected deities of Southern Thailand. Thus the local people frequently pay respect to Nag and ask him to forever bring happiness and good fortune to their lives.

Not sure who's sculpture is that

Samila Beach

Golden Mermaid

Can you spot the golden mermaid??
Dah tau ramai yg nak ambik gamba, ada juga yg buat donno..
brp kali posing daaa.. haihhh...

Thanks to my buddy for the pose.. hahaha

The statue is based on a Thai legend and epic saga, which in small part tells of a mermaid, who combed her hair on the beach, but was frightened away by a young fisherman, who in turn waited forever for her return—presumably a beautiful mermaid. 

We have to stop the others to climb the sculpture for us to wefie!

You might one to try their coconut ice-cream & mango!

20 Baht

Coconut Ice-Cream 35 Baht
some says it is cheaper to buy souvenirs here than Hatyai city..

Other attractions in Songkhla are Songkhla Aquarium & Tang Kuan Hill.

We were here from 1pm to 2.30pm... Enjoyin' the breeze & beach...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 4 (27/12/15) : Reclining Buddha Wat Phranon Laem Pho

From Chang Puak Camp, we headed to Wat Phranon Laem Pho where the giant reclining golden Buddha is placed. It's about 20mins from Chang Puak Camp.

Dari tepi jalan pun bleh nampak the Sleeping Buddha

Free entrance. So, you may enjoy as much as you can. 

It was no easy for selfie with the hat coz it was windy tho'

A very quick 15mins with the Giant Golden Buddha

Unfortunately, we don't have much time, plus we were roasted under the scorching sun! It was 12.30 afternoon ok! Phewww... We had quick few snaps of photos and moved on to Samila Beach..