Monday, March 28, 2016

Blacklisted Seller @ Lelong

I'm not a fussy customer. As far as I remember, I never experienced any big issues with my previous online shoppings. Of coz I'll review seller's rating if any before placing order. 1-2 bad ratings tu biasa laaa...

Kisahnya mcm ni...

14/3/16 - After some comparisons with Lazada, 11street,, DirectD, Greenfone, Satu Gadjet & Lelong... I made up my mind to just order from lelong. So, order placed with seller maxforce.

15/3/16 - PM-ed seller just to check if I will be receiving the item in 2 days. Seller replied confirming payment received and will ship out item soon.

18/3/16 & 21/3/16 - Reminded seller to ship item coz I didn't received any notification.

21/3/16 - Seller replied informing that the item has been packed and will be shipped out via Airpak. Luckily, tracking number was provided. So, I can easily track.

23/3/16 - I was pissed off as the item has not been shipped out yet. I PM the seller requested for cancellation & refund. Immediately, I received shipment notification from lelong. 

25/3/16 - I have been tracking and tracking. I called up Airpak for the status. It was very frustrating when I was informed that the item has yet to be collected from the seller. My goodnessss...
Again, I PM the seller to act asap and bluff them I need to bring back the item to East Msia. 

28/3/16 - I finally received the item after 2 weeks... without USB cable!! Ok fine.. malas nak argue..

The seller should have expecting bad rating from me coz I can't leave any ratings! Damnnn...

The item has been removed from lelong and the seller's page in lelong also turned out zero - no items! Teruknya!!! 

Apa2 pun, alhamdulillah.. barang sampai juga after 2 weeks... Lepas ni, confirm serik order online... huhuhhu...

I hope the seller will improve their services in future.. Hmmm..

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  1. Hi. I had real bad experienced with same seller. They sell AP phone but never mentioned in the post (the phone was only RM20 cheaper than original). Phone came with some software problems but they keep asking me to try this and that. Never dare to give me their address to send for warranty.PM taken ages to reply. Leave bad comment but ask to remove. Oh GOSH!!!!!!! What seller is this????? So freaking cheating seller and yet still survive and caught silly people like us till now. I'm just wonder is there anything to penalize this kind of people?? It's been a month but I'm still can't get out of this and extremely mad everytime I heard about their name


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