Thursday, March 03, 2016

Day 3 (26/12/15) : Lee Garden Area & Asean Trade Market

After quicky refreshing, we decided to head to Lee Garden's area. Tuk-tuk charges should be min. 20 Baht per pax. Some charge 30 Baht per pax. Child is also chargeable to most of the tuk-tuk.

Lee Garden are is only about 5-10mins tuk-tuk ride.

First thing first, isi perut! As for halal resto, my friend said Salma Restaurant is cheaper than Hamid Restaurant. So, Salma it is.

Blue dot - Hamid Resto
Red dot - Salma Resto
Salma Resto with wi-fi

Tom Yam is a must when you are in Thailand!

Then, the shopping began. Hahaha..

Mula la rambang mata

Mangga Pulut!

I didn't take many picture during the shopping. Mata sudah sibuk tengok benda lain. Hahaha..

From Lee Garden area, we headed back to hotel for shower and next destination was Asean Trade Market (ASM). 

I was like 'wowww' when we reached ASM. Punya besar ni tempat! Tarabang la duit sini... Nyway, glad that we managed to control ourselves. Hahahaha...

One need few hours here I think. But, we only spent less than 2 hours here. We were still exhausted due to long journey from Krabi.

So, balik awal.. rehat awal.. tidur awal.. coz, we will be going for day tour the next day... Pheww..

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