Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 4 (27/12/15) - Chang Puak Camp

It was Hatyai Tour Day!!

The Tour

8.30am - Breakfast! Luckily there is a halal restaurant opposite our hotel

9.15am - The Tuk Tuk driver has already waited for us outside the lobby. He looked worried. Risau we all larik ikut driver lain agaknya... Hahaha.. He get him to stop by any bank for money withdrawal. He went all the way to CIMB bank at Lee Garden area pulakk... My friend said CIMB's withdrawal charges is higher than Thai's local bank. Hmmm..

10am - First pit-stop, Chang Puak Camp! Bout 30mins away from Hatyai town. Logically, it should be less than 30mins la if by car.

Free entrance

All activities with charges.. hehehe

Please queue at the counter if you wish to purchase tickets

Elephant Station katanya! 500 Baht/pax
Long queue here

Pls keep your ticket
Your turn is written on the upper right corner

Runtuh plak pondok tu kangg
Riuh sekampung orang2 Mesia yg ada kat sini time tu
Sakit kepala pun ada

1 hour jugak baru smpai turn
Ohh I didn't ride the elephant

They were back after about 15mins

Banana at 100 Baht to feed elephants

Parking area at the camp
We spent almost 2 hours there before we continued our journey to Songkhla.

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