Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Day 4 (27/12/15) : Klonghae Floating Market

Our last pit-stop was Klonghae Floating Market. Only less than 15minutes from Municipal Park.

We were here from 4pm til 5.30pm.. Kesian driver tunggu2.. huhuhu..

The place was full of ppl.. Luckily we managed to get seat to enjoy our foods. 

Most of the foods here cost us 20Baht per pack

My ice-tea in that bamboo stick

I even bought 2 packets of cashew nuts here. 

Thanks driver.. Arghh I forgot his name! Huhuhu.. He charged us 1000Baht for our day tour and I added 100 Baht as his tips.

To be honest, taking tuk-tuk for day tour is kinda uncomfortable. Car will be much better if you have the option. Anyway, we made it!! Hahahahaa...

Our supper!
Nite, guess what... we went to the Asean Market again! This time, we really did our last minute shopping. Naaa... not really. But, we did grabbed some stuff and ended up carrying additional bag! Huhhhh...

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  1. Hi selamat berkenalan.. Nama saya Alin...kekekeke


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