Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 4 (27/12/15) : Samila Beach, Songkhla

It took us 25mins from the Reclining Buddha to Samila Beach, Songkhla.

Two famous sculptures not to be missed here are the dragon head & golden mermaid.

Dragon Head

The Great Serpent Nag is a monument to Nag built in 2006 and is divided into 3 parts. The head which is a water spout is situated on the northern headland facing the port. The navel is sited on the front near the road up to Tang Kuan Hill and the tail is further south. The head and tail are about 3 km apart.

The “Nag” is the deity of divine creation of water as well as fertility for all living things. The people of Southern Thailand believes that Nag sprays divine waters so as to make people feel fresh and happy, as well as to purify the blemishes which occurs within our minds and bodies.

As a result, the Nag is one of the most highly respected deities of Southern Thailand. Thus the local people frequently pay respect to Nag and ask him to forever bring happiness and good fortune to their lives.

Not sure who's sculpture is that

Samila Beach

Golden Mermaid

Can you spot the golden mermaid??
Dah tau ramai yg nak ambik gamba, ada juga yg buat donno..
brp kali posing daaa.. haihhh...

Thanks to my buddy for the pose.. hahaha

The statue is based on a Thai legend and epic saga, which in small part tells of a mermaid, who combed her hair on the beach, but was frightened away by a young fisherman, who in turn waited forever for her return—presumably a beautiful mermaid. 

We have to stop the others to climb the sculpture for us to wefie!

You might one to try their coconut ice-cream & mango!

20 Baht

Coconut Ice-Cream 35 Baht
some says it is cheaper to buy souvenirs here than Hatyai city..

Other attractions in Songkhla are Songkhla Aquarium & Tang Kuan Hill.

We were here from 1pm to 2.30pm... Enjoyin' the breeze & beach...

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