Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last Day (28/12/15) : Morning Market & KTMB Hatyai - KL

It was our fifth and last day in Hatyai!

After breakfast, the restaurant owner (opposite our hotel) suggested us to go to morning market (I didn't get the name tho') before we catch our train at 4pm. He owns and ride tuk-tuk as well.

with Hatyai Merridian Hotel at the back

So, here we are! By looking at the map, I think we were at the Kim Yong Market's street area. Stalls were every way here. We made our last shopping (again!) and headed back to hotel.

We have actually checked-out earlier. But, we left our bags at the reception. 2-3 kali kerja tapi apa boleh buat... Takkan angkut beg p sana sini plak.. huhuhu...

Our KTMB train departing at 4pm. Arriving KL Sentral after 12 hours!! The best part is... seat coach instead of bed coach!! Blaming our last minute plan. Danggg...

For info, seat coach fare is RM46/RM27, upper bed coach fare is RM52/RM33 and lower bed coach fare is RM58/RM39 for adult/children respectively. 

Padang Besar Station
Train from Hatyai will stop at Padang Besar Station for Immigration passport checking. Please leave the train with all your belongings. Passengers have about 40mins for quick drinks upstair. Both RM and Baht notes can be used here.

kampung views

gunung apa ni??

There is also a cafe inside the KTMB train. Boleh la lepak sini... Instant drink will cost you RM2.50. Still ok compare to flight's! Hehehhee...

cafe's counter

train's cafe

Nothing much you can do except sleeeepp... I didn't get good sleep coz it was damn cold! I strongly encourage you to wear sweater / shawl / mini blanket or whatever you name it..

We finally reached KL Sentral at 4.25am and I reached home at 5am. Slept 2 hours before I went to work. Hebat kan? Hahahaa...

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