Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tioman Escape 1/4 - 3/4 (Part 2)

2/4/16 (Sat)

Snorkeling day!

Before breakfast, we had our quickie photo session. Harusss kannn…

Actually, we were looking for underwater camera rental. Unfortunately, there are none in Kg Genting. Punya la unbelievable!  Time nie la menyesal sbb tiada gopro atau yang sewaktu dengannya. Huhuhuhhu…

9am : Gathered at jetty

9.30am : Departed from jetty

9.50am : Pulau Renggis – 1st snorkeling spot

10.30am : Done 1st snorkeling session

10.40am : Marine Park – 2nd snorkeling spot

12.00pm : Lunch at Marine Park jetty

12.30pm : Kg Tekek – Duty free shop

2.00pm : Back to Kg Genting / Resort

Basically, the snorkeling sessions only half day! Huhuhu..

Charging our ‘battery’ in the room before we catch the sunset again that evening..

As for dinner, another round of wefie! Hahahaha…

 3/4/16 (Sun)

Morning photo session at Dumba Bay Resort before and after breakfast. Hahaha...

Our chalet @ Marina Bay Resort

We supposed stay in one of the sea-facing chalet @ Dumba Bay Resort

Lompatan maut! LOL

12.30pm : getting ready at jetty.. Padahal, ferry pukul 2pm! Grrrrr…

Berebut naik ferry time ni! Huhuhuh

1.25pm : Ferry departed. So, we thought we will be arriving early at Mersing. But then, the ferry went to Kg Tekek’s jetty to fetch passengers. The ferry was full house! Ramai penumpang lain yang terpaksa berdiri. Huhuhuhhu…

2.30pm : Finally, ferry departed to Mersing. We were worried that we might not be able to catch 5pm bus to KL.

4pm : Arrival Mersing Jetty Terminal. Rushed to bus terminal. We were kinda frustrated that there were no direct buses from Mersing to KL. We have to take bus from Mersing to Kluang and take another bus from Kluang to KL. Arghhh… stress!

5.30pm : Bus departed from Mersing to Kluang. Before that, sempat isi perut. Kelam kabut sebab order lambat sampai! Slow servis..

While waiting for our bus, we spotted shuttle bus from the bus terminal to jetty terminal. Huhuhuh… If you are not in rush, why not ride the shuttle bus… kann?!

7pm : Arrival Kluang. Sempat la lepak ngan kawan Lin sekejap.

8.30pm : Bus departed from Kluang to KL

12am : Arrival TBS

12.45am : Reached home

It took us approx. 12 hours to reach home! Goshhh… Those ferry & bus transits made us exhausted. Huhuhu…

At the end, we still compare the trip with Redang and Redang still nombor 1 di hati! Hahahaha…

Next, looking forward for Perhentian or Koh Lipe??! Hehehehe... 

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