Friday, April 22, 2016

Tioman Escape 1/4 - 3/4 (Part 1)

Another island escape was successfully ticked this year! Alhamdulillah…

Me and my friends started this mission last two years. Flagged off with Redang. The most memorable and enjoyable escape so far. Then, we went to Pangkor last year. An island escape will not be complete without snorkeling session. So, Pangkor was not as enjoy as Redang. Hahaha…

For this year, we went to Tioman. The trip was not smooth tho’. Will post different entry for behind the scene. Hehehhe..

Btw, it was only me, Lin & Tunung this round. Lia was busy with her Korea trip. Huhuhu..

31/3/16 (Thurs)

Due to train problem, laluan ke sri petaling ditutup (what the fissshh!), we have to take longer route i.e. We have to go all the way to KL Sentral and took KLIA Transit for us to reach Bdr Tasik Selatan (TBS). My goodness! Luckily, we made it just on time!

Left : Lin first time in KLIA Transit... heheheh
Right : Waiting for our bus at TBS

Our bus from TBS to Kluang scheduled at 9.45pm. So, we reached Kluang at bout 1am.

Why Kluang and not Mersing? To reduce risk! Well, you know laa.. bus.. midnight.. accident.. choy!! Since we will be staying for free at Lin’s hse at Kluang, so no issue la kan… Sorry makcik, kejut malam2 buka pintu! Thanks to Lin’s bro too sebab fetch us tgh2 mlm. Huhuhuhu

1/4/16 (Fri)

Our bus from Kluang to Mersing scheduled at 10.30am but due to bus air-cond breakdown, we have to wait for another bus for about half an hour to depart.

Tapau Kluang's Roti Bakar

Oh before that, sempat juga tapau Kluang’s famous roti bakar!

Route journey from Kluang to Mersing mmg bikin mabuk. So, you better take your medicine if you have motion sickness. Huuhu..

Google Map (blue dots) vs our route (red arrow)
Mersing Bus Station to Mersing Jetty Terminal

We finally arrived Mersing about 12.30pm. From the bus station, you have to walk bout 15 mins to get to the ferry terminal. Basah juga la ketiak.. tengahari buta plak kan… Phewww…

Walk along the pedestrian bridge/jejantas and you will see KFC
Continue walk straight
You are almost there when you Stadium Mersing on your right

We looked for our agent. She just handed us our ferry ticket (return) and also sticker of Dumba Bay Resort. While Tunung queued to register ourselves at Kg Genting’s counter (IC needed), me & Lin queue for Marine Park & National Park tickets, RM5/pax each ticket.

Click to zoom
Queue at all 1-2-3 counters

Our 2pm ferry has already full, so we have to wait for next ferry. Extra one! As per ferry schedule, only two ferries available i.e. 2pm & 5pm. Hmmm… Don’t forget to queue for the boarding pass. Different colour of boarding pass for different boarding time. The system kinda messy! Huhuhu…

Luckily, we didn’t wait long for the next ferry. Kinda stuffy. Free seating yaa..

There are few jetties in Tioman. So, make sure you know which jetty to stop i.e. Kg Genting, Kg Paya, Kg Tekek & Kg Salang. Our resort is at 1st jetty, Kg Genting. It took about one and half an hour from Mersing Jetty to Kg Genting Jetty.

We have some issues with our resort and agent actually. Will rant in behind the scene entry later. 

We have no choice but to stay at Marina Bay Resort instead of Dumba Bay Resort. The fact that Marina Bay is at hilly spot instead of the sea-front Dumba Bay Resort really disappoint us. Hmmm… 

Marina Bay Resort

Our room
Before Maghrib, we had our 1st session of sunset photography session. But, 30 mins just aint enough. Hahahaa.. Padahal, sudah bersantik-santik! Kekekekek…

It was BBQ for dinner… unlike Redang, the BBQ was all prepared and served by the resort’s staffs. After dinner, some of the groups enjoyed karaoke-ing while we just enjoyed wefie! LOL

Stay tuned for snorkeling sessions.. ^_^

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