Thursday, April 07, 2016

Tioman's Attack!

Just came back from Tioman last Sunday midnite.. 

It was an adventurous trip to us I would say. There were obstacles right from the beginning up til the end and even after I reached home! It was totally not a smooth journey for me... 

I came back with swollen ankle. Don't think I sprained it either coz I didn't recall any fall down cases. No itchiness & pain.. Hmmm... I spotted reddish on the leg after 2 days. 

So, I went to clinic. Doctor can't confirmed if it due to fall or bitten by insect or others. So, I got Tetanus jap and few medicines. Was asked to come again the next morning.

The clinic's assistant were surprised to see me again yesterday morning. Haha! Doc gave me another allergic jap on my butt! Ouchhh... And gave me some antibiotic & cream. Thank God that the reddish seems better. Allergic? I never have any allergic before. Was it due to menopause? Hmm.. But, doctor thinks that it should be bitten cases. Jellyfish?? My goodness... The imagination runs wild!

Syukur Alhamdulillah... the leg & ankle seem much much better today.. 

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