Monday, June 27, 2016


It’s been a while…

I miss my blog… I wanted to rant here… but I guess I got myself 'locked up' after what happened recently…

Yeahh... Life gimme another hiccup... A great one!

I have been ‘inactive’ in most of my social networking channels. I didn’t update my FB as much as before. I only ‘like’ some status. I don’t really comment others status. Not really replying in whatsapp groups. They make me sounds like I’m really depressed am I??

Naaa… I’m not that down actually. Let just say things will never be the same anymore after this but I’m okay and I’ll be just fine. Will keep the positive vibe around me for sure, like I always do… BECAUSE I am blessed to be surrounded by great friends and family who always pat on my shoulder. I have been smiling yet they know I'm crying inside.

I am going to be strong coz it's gonna be a looonngg journey ahead!

Lookin’ forward for my long Raya holidays. Mommy’s coming home kids!!

A mother being separated from her children, 5 mths equals to 500 days! I call it SACRIFICE… Others may look at it as selfish… Coz they don’t wear my shoes…  

Till then, wishin’ my Muslim friends & family a blessed Ramadhan.. Selamat Hari Raya.. Maaf zahir & batin..

1 Syawal after the knot
The order of the pics? There're obvious..
We missed our family pic in 2011 tho'..

Anyone wanna guess this year's theme?? ^_^