Thursday, July 28, 2016

K-Drama ~ Doctors

After Descendants of the Sun, it's Doctors now!

Doctors' heros & heroins :
Kim Rae Won
Park Shin Hye
Yoon Gyun Sang
Lee Sung Kyung
PSH is super cool here!!
I love Park Shin Hye in this series. Female gangster transform into a doctor?? How cool is that?! It's definitely a different character from her previous dramas. She looks mature here and even dress nicely even tho most of time she will be wearing the white coat.. One more thing is.. she improves her kissing skill! LOL

Teacher Hong Ji Hong (KRW) & student Yoo Hye Jung (PSH)
Kim Rae Won.. I watched his drama in My Love Patzzi long ago. I don't really into him and when I watch him in Doctors, there is this feeling that something is lacking in him or is it just his character in the drama. Hmm..

Episode 4 - The meet up after 13 years!
This one really remind me of DOTS scene.. 

Episode 12
I enjoy watching the drama at the beginning but it gets draggy now. So much into hospital politics & hospital cases.. But, thanks to ep 12 giving me some hope that the drama is catching up.. 

I am also watching Beautiful Mind, Uncontrollably Fond & W-Two Worlds.. My life is just full with K-Drama now.. hahaha..

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Raya Full House

As I said, we don't really practice open house but of coz we don't banned ppl from coming.. but no surprise visit please.. or else you ended up with 'sky juice'.. hahahah..

We started off with our upper-level-neighbor cum Ryanna's classmate cum school-carpool-driver.

Both hubby & wife are Sarawakian. The hubby from Limbang and the wife from Miri.
I make good friend with the wife!

Sitting next to Ryanna is Tius! Her BFF.. lol

2nd visitor : my cousin, Lydia

Have not met her 2nd daughter..
badmood kunun.. jadi kena kasi tinggal d rmh! Hahaha

3rd visitors : mom's sister & bro with their spouse & kids

Full house terus!

4th visitor : My BFF - Julie!

We must go for kupi-kupi next round k!

5th visitor : 3 of my ex-hsemate in UPM & my ex-schoolmate

Masing2 dengan rakyat masing2.. hahahah

Left : Irene - my friend since primary & secondary school.
Our first met ever since SPM!
Right : Betsy - my ex-classmate in secondary school & my ex-hsemate in UPM

Our kids!!
I feeeeell old!!

Kalau ada rezeki lebih, In shaa Allah akan buat open house.. Boleh la jemput sedara mara & kengkawan datang beraya di rmh yang kecil & masih bnyk kekurangan.. Huhuhuh... 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lebaran 2016

Am back to routine after more than 2 weeks leave..

Kids welcomed me with a run-big-warm-hug and shout out "riinndu mamy!". Oh dearrr... I feel bad for them. Huhuhu...

Anyway, this year theme is MUSTARD but somehow they look like GOLD to me. Hahahah...

We spent 3 nites at my aunt's house in Papar for Raya this year.

I don't really practice open house but of coz we don't banned ppl to come. Hahaha.. I'll share some pics in next entry.

Till then, KOSONG - KOSONG!!