Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Owlery Cafe, Tmn Dagang, Ampang

Kisah Iftar yang dah basi.. hahaha..

Anyway, still nak blog out coz the cafe mmg cozy! The deco pun comell.. berkonsepkan OWL.. thats why they call it OWLery Cafe..

Kids suka la nie.. parents pun senang hati nak makan.. hehe

We reached there quite early.. so, bnyk masa ambik gambar.. kikikii..

The menu.. You tell me kalau tak pening nak order..
Western food ada.. nasi goreng.. mee goreng pun ada..

Drinks.. juices.. 
Kesian kat waiter yang layan kitaorang.. mcm2 kite tanya.. hahaha.. I think they really need to change their menu book.. nama menu dah la pelik2 tapi takde pic.. so, kita pun blur time nak order tu.. price range for food within RM10-RM20 laa...

Left : Macaroni & Cheese
Right : Spicy Seafood Pescato

Top : Fish & Chips RM20
Bottom : Mushroom Medley Alfre

Left : our dessert.. forgot the cake name tho' hahaha
Right : Peanut Chocolate Iced (Nyummy!!)
We had good time that nite.. siap order dessert lagi.. kenyang weyy...

Muka pening nak order.. LOL

Muka orang dah kenyang.. LOL

Overall, harga nampak pricey but the portion quite big. So, bleh la share. Recommended lepak sini! Orang2 dok area Ampang mesti la tau... belakang Galaxy tu jer.. 

Friday, August 05, 2016

K-Drama : W – Two Worlds

Told ya I'm into K-Drama nowadays..

Having to compare with Doctors & Uncontrollably Fond, I prefer W!

As I always enjoy fantasy genre and this W with it's suspense, it's killin' me! LOL

Not to mention the hero & heroin, Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo!

Have just watched the latest ep of W, the 6th ep... and now have to wait another week.. grrr...

Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk)
The entire family of KC gets murdered
KC gets falsely charged of killing his own family.
But eventually, he get declared innocent
After 10 years, he becomes as multi-millionaire whose assets are 800 million dollars
He founds W Broadcasting Station to find out who killed his family

One day, he was attacked by an unidentified man
He was saved by a woman who showed up suddenly

Oh Yoon Joo (Han Hyo Joo)
The woman disappears after leaving her business card that has her name
Everytime KC’s life is in danger, OYJ shows up and saves him

KC realizes that he is a main character of a webtoon
At that moment, KC’s world stops
KC steps into the real world

The world of OYJ!

Others might comment this drama is unrealistic.. but to me, as long as I enjoy the show, 
I just dont give a damn if its real or comic.. the fast plotline of the story is really awesome. 
So many things happened in just 6 eps!
Plus the chemistry between hero & heroin make me smiling ear to ear...
They are just cute together!

Is it too much to ask for episodes extension.. LOL!

Monday, August 01, 2016

Ryanna and 6!

Welcoming August with birthday entry of my lil girl who turn 6th on 14th July 2016.. 

The reason why I only started work on 18th July.. Took 9 days Raya leaves! Phewww..

Day before.. packing goodies bags

This year, we decided to order only 1 cake which to be celebrated at her class. Sofia theme this year! Ordered from Mya Chocolate Cake and Land. Choc Moist Cake RM60/kg.

Happy birthday daughter!!
You will always be our lil cheeky baby girl!

Coincidentally, they were having Raya party on the same day. So, they were wearing baju raya!

Tius (Ryanna BFF)'s mom, our upper-level-neighbour also decided to have advance birthday for Tius. So yeahh!! She also order from the same baker. Super Wings Pandan Cheese Cake RM80/kg.

I wish Rayyan is there with us too.. unfortunately, it was school day!

Already thinking what theme cake for next year? *slap forehead*