Monday, August 01, 2016

Ryanna and 6!

Welcoming August with birthday entry of my lil girl who turn 6th on 14th July 2016.. 

The reason why I only started work on 18th July.. Took 9 days Raya leaves! Phewww..

Day before.. packing goodies bags

This year, we decided to order only 1 cake which to be celebrated at her class. Sofia theme this year! Ordered from Mya Chocolate Cake and Land. Choc Moist Cake RM60/kg.

Happy birthday daughter!!
You will always be our lil cheeky baby girl!

Coincidentally, they were having Raya party on the same day. So, they were wearing baju raya!

Tius (Ryanna BFF)'s mom, our upper-level-neighbour also decided to have advance birthday for Tius. So yeahh!! She also order from the same baker. Super Wings Pandan Cheese Cake RM80/kg.

I wish Rayyan is there with us too.. unfortunately, it was school day!

Already thinking what theme cake for next year? *slap forehead*


  1. Wah...happy 6th birthday to ur sumandak Ryanna! cantik tu cake dan sedap ohh.. hihi

    1. Thx mandak.. tu pandan cheese yg sy suka.. hahaha..

  2. Happy belated birthday Ryanna. Suka sya tingu mata si Ryanna. Mata kuyu gitue hehe...

  3. cantiknya kek dia.. Happy Birthday Ryana


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