Wednesday, September 21, 2016

KK Short Vacay!

Actually, the last month trip was a 'business' trip... Need to attend to some official matter. However, it was not resolved and has been postponed to Nov. I may want to rant bout it in future, after everything is settled. May be laa.. 

Basically, there were 3 things on the list for the trip; the official matter, the red-theme-wedding & short vacay with my 2 friends, Lin & Lia whom flew to KK, the next day after the wedding! Yeayy...

Day 1

9.30am - arrival at KK airport. My aunt dropped me & kids at the airport. We have booked a car to rent. If you are looking for one, please look for Ah Boon 016-969 7505. The rental of Saga flx 1.3 auto for 2.5 days is RM250 + RM100 deposit. There were some internal miscommunication between them, we ended up driving an Innova on the first day before they changed it at night.

Our 1st pic..
Lady-Host duduk di belakang ok!

That's our car for day 1

The original plan was to go to Gaya Street, but Lin's has to take shower coz she went straight to airport from a funeral. So, we headed to Putatan. Had our breakfast at Sinar Mustika before check-in at the nearby hotel, Adel Hotel. Why Adel Hotel? Because near my house! LOL

The ikan masin only RM1/pack
Hanya di KK!

Beli ikan terubuk di sini!

@Pasar Filipin
Penjual ke ni?? Hahahaha
RM5 satu

3.00pm - After picked up my mom, we went to Pasar KK & Pasar Filipin. They did the shopping right away before we proceeded to Salut, Jalan Sulaman. 

4.45pm - Salut. At first, we wanted to go to Rumah Terbalik, but it was already 4pm+. So, we skipped Rumah Terbalik. The must try at Salut is Coconut Puding & Lokan Bakar! Unfortunately, the lokan bakar has these fishy taste. Errkkk.. Of coz, they were frustrated. 

pak pak kang ku doh
sumunsui doh jambatan
jambatan doh Tamparuli
bakasut tinggu oku

6pm - Jambatan Tamparuli. It was a very quick stop since it was already dark and drizzling. Honestly, this was my very first time stepping on the bridge! Hahaahah.. Walau di hujung jambatan saja, bila turun, rasa mcm ada spring tu badan! Kikikikiki...

We wanted to have dinner at Pasar KK, the one near Segama. Its cleaner compare to stalls at Pasar Filipin. However, it was raining that night. So, dinner at the host's house! Ikan masin + telur goreng! Kesian tetamu.. Hahaha

Day 2

Morning - attended my official matter before headed to Kundasang, Ranau

3pm - Arrival at Kundasang. Had our late lunch before we spent our 'quality-photo-sessions' at Desa Dairy Farm. No souvenirs-fruits-buying at all! Huhuhu.. Punya la!! Guess what.. it was my very first time here as well.. sandi!!

3 dara pingitan!
Chocolate 1L RM6++
Coffee 500ml RM5++

The original plan was to stay there 1 nite. In fact, we already paid deposit at Kiram Village. But, the 2-days-before-minor-earthquake ruined the plan. Lia was worried & scared. So, she decided not to stay at Kundasang. Hmmm..

RM92 for dinner 3pax
Lauk dari kiri:
Ketam masak telur masin
Kerang masak sambal
kailan ikan masin
udang goreng butter

6pm - Headed down to KK and had our dinner at Pasar KK-near Segama.

Day 3

They were already exhausted. Padahal, tiada sangat pun aktiviti! Hahaha... So, 2 of them just relaxing at the room, while I had my breakfast with my dad.

Tarap of coz!

I asked them to came over my house for Tarap session. Hahaha... Then, we went to CP since Lia wanna make some currency exchange. She is travelling to Japan the following day. Gilaa!!

We just lepak at BK before they proceed to airport & fly back to KL and I have to join my cousins & aunts at the next building. Hehehee... 

There goes our short vacay in KK! Shall repeat with full programme! I'm a happy lady host...  ^_^

Friday, September 09, 2016

Wedding of Marvin & Ina Aug 2016

Nikah & 1st reception was held at the bride's hometown, Seremban 2 on 5.8.16 & 6.8.16 respectively. Yup.. obviously, my cousin, Marvin married to Malayan's Sumandak. Oppss... no offense ok! 

Ready for Nikah!

with yours truly!

Reception at the groom's side was held at Kg Kelatuan, Papar on 27.8.16. I am very glad that I made it!! I reached KK on the night before. So, I managed to give hands on some last minute tasks.

Since the wedding theme was RED, we were all dressed up in RED as if it is CNY! 

Part of the family!

Us with the groom

The kids & the bride

The kids

The mothers


The couple, the pengapit & the flower girls

The only thing is... the whether is too hot that the groom had hard breathing. And so we missed the photo session with the newly wed couple at the pelamin. Huhuhuhu...

Gambar bukan pelamin pun tidak apa la.. yang penting hero & heroin ada...
Gambar sebelum semua bawa haluan masing2.. hahaha

Nyway, we were having great time together. To Marvin & Ina.. Congratulation! May Allah bless you both till Jannah!

Until our next gath!