Friday, September 09, 2016

Wedding of Marvin & Ina Aug 2016

Nikah & 1st reception was held at the bride's hometown, Seremban 2 on 5.8.16 & 6.8.16 respectively. Yup.. obviously, my cousin, Marvin married to Malayan's Sumandak. Oppss... no offense ok! 

Ready for Nikah!

with yours truly!

Reception at the groom's side was held at Kg Kelatuan, Papar on 27.8.16. I am very glad that I made it!! I reached KK on the night before. So, I managed to give hands on some last minute tasks.

Since the wedding theme was RED, we were all dressed up in RED as if it is CNY! 

Part of the family!

Us with the groom

The kids & the bride

The kids

The mothers


The couple, the pengapit & the flower girls

The only thing is... the whether is too hot that the groom had hard breathing. And so we missed the photo session with the newly wed couple at the pelamin. Huhuhuhu...

Gambar bukan pelamin pun tidak apa la.. yang penting hero & heroin ada...
Gambar sebelum semua bawa haluan masing2.. hahaha

Nyway, we were having great time together. To Marvin & Ina.. Congratulation! May Allah bless you both till Jannah!

Until our next gath!


  1. wow..merah membara :) seronok kan dpt gather2 with families time ada kahwin2 gitu...hihi

  2. Mcm mn pun warna merah tetap attractive. Ang mali bah hihihi...


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