Thursday, December 15, 2016

272 Steps of Batu Caves

Climbing the 272 steps of Batu Caves has been in my bucket list since forever... coz I always wonder if I can do it. hahahha!!

After staying here in KL since 1999, my very first visit to Batu Caves was in December 2014. 3 days before I sent mom and the kids back to KK for good and 3 weeks after my major surgery. And that explain why I didn't manage to climb the steps back then. And I thought that would be my last visit. Hahaaa..
with mom and kids on 26.12.2014

It was great to be here again this time after our visit to Pustaka Peringatan P. Ramlee coz I managed to tick my bucket list! Coolllll... 

I think we took bout 6mins to reach at the top considering some photo sessions while climbing. LOL

Climbing up and up...
Kapus2 juga.. 

I made it but the 'thumb up' tidak jadi! Ciss..

The view from top
Gayat juga time turun..

Construction works under progress up there inside the cave

I guess big sis Mouren will need to stop by again in future coz the gold statue is under 'touch-up progress' due to Deepavali celebration which is around the corner.

Till then... I see you when I see you Batu Caves! ^_^

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