Tuesday, December 27, 2016

November ~ KK & Kids

I spent 3 weeks in KK last month! Awesome huh?!

Thanks to the Company for being very understanding. I was thinking to apply for an advance leave.. thanks God for the HR arrangement. Basically, I was on partial leaves and partial working! Not going to rant bout the working stuff... 

Happening in sequence...

Rayyan's school bazaar @ 12.11.16

The most awaiting event - Ryanna's Graduation @ 19.11.16

Congrats daughter!

Rayyan's Dikir Barat Performance @ 25.11.16

My memory card corrupted and all the photos gone! Arghhh..
These two were the only two left.. lucky I sent them out thru Whatsapp
Btw, Rayyan was perfoming a Dikir Barat during the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang
He didnt make it to the stage this year
Next year hopefully
Ohh.. I bumped into my Uni friend, Hamdan whom was on duty that day
Sempat jual produk Tabung SSPN tu.. hehehe..

Ryanna's Primary 1 Orientation Week @ 28.11.16 - 2.12.16

She had a great time with friends
What worries me is.. she tends to skip her foods during rest time
Sibuk berlari2.. adehh!!

Dinner with BFF @ 1.12.16

Had a great chit chat with the one and only Julie!

Cousin's ROM celebration @ 2.12.16

Congrats to Alvin and Claudya

It was a full of events trip! A very satisfied one except that there is one matter unresolved. 

Praying for a good news next year..

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