Thursday, December 22, 2016

Penang Trip 28 Oct - 30 Oct 2016

My 3rd trip to Penang! Was there last year too...

We took direct flight to Penang this round and coming back KL too.. 

Day 1

Merchant Hotel, Jln Penang

our room view
Dinner at mamak down stair for Day 1.

Day 2

Early breakfast at the hotel.

Took CAT shuttle bus to Komtar and took another bus no 204 to Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera.

Penang Hill is on our top list which must be ticked, by hook or by crook. LOL

Fast lane

Inside & embarking train

Arrived Penang Hill at 9.30am. Less crowd outside but long queue inside. We wanted to avoid the queue, so decided to go for Fast Lane which cost us RM30/adult. Terus rasa mcm VVIP. Kikikiki... Normal rate is RM10. 

Lovin' the greenish
Sejuk mata memandang

Sky Walk

View from the Sky Walk
We reached the top in 8mins! It would be great if only they limit passengers from entering the train based on seating availability. Passengers are standing and we can't really enjoy the view. Huhuhu..

Love Lock area
I didn't managed to explore everything on top of the hill, but I love the Sky Walk & Love Lock area. Wondering when I can get to Namsan Tower. Hmmm...

I feel tiny around them!
We had quick lunch at Nasi Kandar Pokok Ketapang, walking distance from our hotel, before we took CAT bus to komtar and decided to just walk to Penang Times Square. Can we blame the Transformers yang berdiri dengan megah di sini... LOL

Penang Times Square
We were stranded here for more than 3 hours before we called Grab to pick us up. It was downpour the whole evening until nite and we had to cancel Fort Cornwallis which is suppose to be our next pit-stop.

Lepak di bilik saja malam tu...

Day 3

Breakfast at Roti Canai Transfer Road. Full table semua! The 'waiter' will only take order for drinks and roti canai. As for the roti bakar wt eggs, self-service yer!

You can't leave Penang without the famous Jeruk Madu Pak Ali, one of the store is next to the old building of Chowrasta, facing the main road.

Till then.. bubbye Penang!

I guess I have to come back Penang again for Fort Cornwallis! LOL

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